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We provide all Land Acquisition, Planning, Design, Development, Construction, Management Services, Investment all under one roof for optimal simplicity and efficiency in the Development Process for our customers. Our team encompasses the entire development process from the initial concept to the delivery of the final project. By being fully integrated and collaborating with all of our team members on each project from day #1 we can turn our unique visions into well executed communities.



It all starts with location, location, location. Our acquisitions team has a proven track record of success in identifying the right development sites that are able to maximize the value of a property on behalf of our owners and stakeholders. Successful development starts here!



Our development team represents some of the most veteran in the industry and they naturally understand extreme level of detail and commitment needed for successful multifamily urban development. Our entire team from sales & marketing to construction is involved in the design of a project from day one to ensure the design is comprehensive and the development is successful for all involved, specifically the end users. By engaging the entire team collaboratively from the beginning we are able to consistently deliver the high quality projects we are building our name on.



With our inhouse construction department we are able to ensure the highest level of detail and completion is achieved. We believe so strongly in what we develop that we only trust it to be built with our very own hands. With our construction team in house there is nothing lost in translation resulting in a seamless process for everyone.



JSRs co-founders share a long track record of creating exceptional ROI for our investors.  Diversity is a pillar of our core beliefs and we offer a wide variety of investment opportunities.

By applying our proven, collaborative strategy to each of our projects we consistently create value for our investors and clients.



We believe so strongly in what we do that often times we build and develop our own assets, which we manage and operate internally. We do partner with investors looking to build long-term wealth in their portfolios.

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